Monday, 9 April 2007

Bangladesh Kill Another One

HaHa... I'm laughing with all Bangladesh cricket fans. The "Giant Killers" is what everybody are calling the Bangladesh cricket team and that's exactly what they did to South Africa. As a result injecting yet more new life into this tournament and shifting the weights around. What excellent work.

I managed to miss this one. The sun being out in England is a rare occasion so I had to make the most of it in favour of the this match. Missed the highlights and there are no clips on yet.

"In ya face" is probably what the Bangladesh cricket supports are saying to people who still call them minnows.

As I've said before they are the true under dogs of this 2007 Cricket World Cup. As long as the opposition isn't Sri Lanka they've got my support.

Score Card


Bangladesh Innings Highlights - Part 1
Bangladesh Innings Highlights - Part 2

Some clips have started to appear on YouTube now. Above are the first of the Bangladesh batting. That put a smile on my face. That was a class innings from Mohammad Ashraful and some sweet 6s from Aftab Ahmed. Mashrafe Mortaza reminds me of Chaminda Vaas dependable and accurate with the ball also handy with the bat. Very nice work from Bangladesh.

Sunday, 8 April 2007

Sri Lanka Cricket's Biggest Win

I was watching some cricket clips today and came across this clip of the 1996 World Cup final between Australia and Sri Lanka. It's a decent quality clip so I thought I'd share it.

Friday, 6 April 2007

Lankan Cricketers and the War Paint

I don't know if this is something many others out there have been wondering about but it is something I am curious about. I was chatting the a friend the other day (you know who you are) and this topic came up randomly as it does and she suggested I blog about it.

The questions are what is that white crap the Sri Lankan cricketers apply on their face? Why do they do it? or the most important question for me is why is it applied in different patterns/areas each time? - apart from Lasith Malinga's white lips but then he has a Lankan afro from '95 with a '07 twist to it.

"It's sun block" is the obvious answer everybody is thinking. But then why is it white? Surely colourless sun block is available. Also why do they apply it differently on different days? The answer surely cannot be "cos it looks cool" unlike Chandarpauls war paint our boys seem to have just rubbed it on. And Sanga [Kumar Sangakkara] looks like a prat after only a few overs when he has smudged it by mixing sweat into it.

Sun Block???? half these boys used to run around in the sun all day somewhere down south most likely with no hat, no sunglasses, no t-shirt, and no slippers. Ah! but may be if we pay attention this half ain't the ones who do all this!! haha

As interested as I am to find out the answer to this (and I will soon) none of this matters and I honestly don't give two coconuts about it. As long as they play well as a team, Mali [Lasith Malinga] keeps getting them in-swinging yorkers, and Sanga keeps flicking the bails off during the 0.5 of a second the batsman has his foot in the air, as these are examples of what keeps us backing this Lankan team through thick and thin.

Sri Lanka Vs. England: I had the Shakes After the Last Ball jokes, I was so pumped towards the end that after Dilhara Fernando's last ball wicket wrapped it all up I had the shakes like an alcoholic before a drink in the morning.

There are so many different ways this game could be read for both sides. If you read around it's all been covered. To me this was a game were Sri Lanka didn't get as bigger total as they would have liked (should have) not because they batted badly but because England bowled very very well. I still think Sajith Mahamood is a crap bowler but on the day he did the job.

When it was England's turn to bat again it was the quality (clever) of the bowling that was preventing the runs and getting the wickets rather than batsman playing stupid shots.

The luck factor in its various forms I felt was distributed evenly on this occasion. The difference between Sri Lanka winning and England very narrowly loosing was collective team skill and form.