Sunday, 26 July 2009

HTC Touch HD + Opera + Facebook = crash + auto reboot

I've got one of the slightly newer releases of the HTC Touch HD on Orange UK. Since around may every time I try to sign into Facebook mobile the phone freezes of a bit then reboots itself. Not found much on the issue. I have not applied any updates to the phone or the browser and not really install a much on there. So current theory is that a Facebook change + a browser bug is the cause. Three of my friends have the same phone and at least one of them purchased around the same time - so same/similar firmware etc. - and they do not have this issue.

Anybody else have/had this issue? Got a Solution?

I really cannot be asked to call Orange to get this sorted. Might just carry on using Internet Explorer till the new HTC Hero comes out and then just upgrade.

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