Monday, 26 April 2010

If InnoDB Then lower_case_table_names Equals 1

In MySQL system variable lower_case_table_names controls if identifiers are case sensitive. The default setting is 0 if the OS file system is case sensitive, if not 1 - there some exceptions when it comes to Mac OS. However the documentation recommends lower_case_table_names = 1 when using the InnoDB engine.

"Exception: If you are using InnoDB tables, you should set lower_case_table_names to 1 on all platforms to force names to be converted to lower case."

UPDATE: As it is on 15/06/2010 this parameter cannot be changed on Amazon RDS instances. It is set to lower_case_table_names=0 it would seem.

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Chandran said...

In which file we have to set lower_case_table_names=1 in mysql 5.5.16 version, In this version we have lot of *.cnf file like my-huge.cnf,my-large.cnf,etc... i dont find proper solution for this