Sunday, 18 April 2010

Installing/Upgrade an official release of Django on Windows

Google App Engine SDK 1.3 includes Django 0.96 however App Engine itself supports 1.1 so if you wish to develop against Django 1.1 you will have to manually install it as follows.
  1. Delete your Django site-package from your Python site-packages folder (typically <python-install-dir>/lib/site-packages).
  2. Download the latest release from our download page.
  3. Untar the downloaded file (e.g. tar xzvf Django-NNN.tar.gz, where NNN is the version number of the latest release). You can download the command-line tool bsdtar to do this, or you can use a GUI-based tool such as 7-zip.
  4. Change into the directory created in step 2 (e.g. cd Django-NNN).
  5. If you're using Linux, Mac OS X or some other flavor of Unix, enter the command sudo python install at the shell prompt. If you're using Windows, start up a command shell with administrator privileges and run the command install.

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